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[sticky post] Fanfic Masterlist

Here is a handy little masterlist of all the fics I have posted on here. For now, all of them are in bandom - but if I write any other ones in the future that aren't they will be sorted accordingly.

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Whoever Deleted It, Thank You

Title: Whoever Deleted It, Thank You
Pairing: Koli (Kellin Quinn / Oli Sykes)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn were both having a normal day at work until they realize their end of month report has been mysteriously deleted. And their boss, Mr. Sykes isn't going to be happy about this... Or is he?
Word Count: (~2,000)

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25 Days of OTPs [Day 2 - Kavid]

Title: You Can't Be Alone on Christmas, David
Pairing: Kavid [Kellin Quinn / David Schmitt]
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kellin brings David home for Christmas.
Word Count: (~8,200)

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Not So Good...

I have to keep reminding myself that no matter what I have to live through today. There aren't any shortcuts, no quick fixes, nothing. I have to do it. There is no skip it and deal with the pain later. The best I can do now is to move on. I can't change anything that's been done. I am perfectly healthy, my family is healthy, I have a roof over my head - I need to calm down. Everything will be okay if I just relax. Tomorrow will be better. I won't die from now until then. I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay.

I will not die. I am okay. I just need to close my eyes and breathe.

Talk to you later-
Leah xoxo

25 Days of OTPs [Day 1 - Koli]

Title: Christmas Spirit
Pairing: Koli (Kellin Quinn / Oli Sykes)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kellin gets a brilliant idea on how he can get Oli in the holiday mood.
Word Count: (~2,000)

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25 Days of OTPs!

Tis the season for gay sex! Yes, really! This year, since I just so happen to love making myself busy as hell, I have decided to also fill up the month of Decemeber with lots and lots of writing and editing and crying and hair pulling! Yes, ladies and germs! This means lots of gay smut from yours truly because that's the meaning of Christmas, right? Right? Someone tell me I'm right. Anyways! To start off the season right, I have written a wonderful pointless Koli (Well, not exactly pointless, but nonetheless a Koli) one-shot that is both cute and hot. (Ahem, I know it's not that good but you take what you can get, right?)

So: Day 1 - Koli [Kellin Quinn / Oli Sykes]
Day 2 - it's a surprise but I will give you a hint - it includes Kellin. XD
Day 3 - I'm thinking Austlan, but I'm not sure yet. Crap, I haven't even planned that far ahead. I am so screwed *laughs while crying*

Okay, I will get day one posted now, I hope you like it! :D

Our First Thanksgiving [Koli One-Shot]

Title: Our First Thanksgiving
Pairing: Koli (Kellin Quinn / Oli Sykes)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kellin insists upon having a huge Thanksgiving meal - much to Oli's dislike (at first at least).
Word Count: (~1,900)

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I Finished A Novel!

I actually did it! I finished a novel! I can actually cross that off of my bucket list now. It ended up being 50,217 words in length. I didn't divide it into chapters - well, not exactly. I have some breaks in it but that's about it. My next big goal is to edit the darn thing which is going to be a huge pain and I hope that doesn't end up making it like 10,000 words. (Well, not that little but yeah). I wanted to flesh out some parts, though, so I'm sure I'm fine.

My next tasks (concerning writing fanfiction) are as follows in order of importance:
- Write, edit, and post Thankgiving fic? (not sure what pairing yet) [Date to be completed: 11/26/2014]
- Finish writing and edit Day 1 of 25 days of OTPs [Date to be completed: 11/28 or 11/29]
- Finish writing and edit Day 2 of 25 days of OTPs [Date to be completed: 11/28 or 11/29]
- Decide on pairing for Day 3 [Date to be completed: 11/28 or 11/29]
- Begin to edit 'Worth It' [Date to be completed: sometime in December]

I am thinking about writing a Koli for the Thanksgiving one - but I don't know yet. Maybe I could do a Belliott. The world needs more Belliott. Or even a Kavid [Kellin Quinn / David Schmitt]. Who knows. I need to start writing it, actually if I hope to get it done in time lol.


Breathe Carolina Concert!

Guess who is going to see Breathe Carolina in a couple of days? That's right. Me. Out of all people - I am finally going to a concert this year!!! I am so glad that 2014 isn't going to end without me attending one. That would be very, very sad.

Anyways! I am going to spend this blog fangirling over them because I want to prepare myself for the full amount of fangirling that I will do in front of David.

I first saw Breathe Carolina in the heat of Texas on Warped Tour 2012 - back when Kyle was still in the band. First, my sister and I got to meet them because we stood in the long ass line to get passes (which she earned a really bad sunburn from - I'm talking so painful it hurt to move bad), and then we came back at around 4 PM I think and got to meet them (right after meeting All Time Low (ALEX HAD PINK HAIR)). David was the first I got to meet, and I was so nervous I didn't say anything. Kyle was second, so naturally I was like "I love you," to him and he was SO SWEET and said it back with a huge grin and I died of happiness. I think the only thing I said to David was hi. LOL Poor David probably thought I just liked Kyle. No, no sweet baby I love you too.

Their concert was epic too - it was my favorite out of the four concerts I saw that Warped Tour. The music was great. <3


Okay, I want to go write more fanfiction now because I'm on a roll and it's all I'm thinking about. Talk more later -


I'm Sick :(

Ugh, I feel so horrible today. So yesterday I woke up with a sore throat that just didn't go away all day long. Long story short, I have a darn cold. My dad had it first and then I caught it. Everyone in the house is sick - but I seem to feel the worst. What the heck? Like, my head is really fuzzy, my throat is still killing me to the point where I don't want to eat anything or drink diet soda because it hurts to swallow.

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